The Beginning

CEO and founder, Chris Bennett, had always wanted to start a company in the lingerie industry since high school.  As the years went by, it was still in the back of his mind.  He later got with a friend and they brain stormed ideas for a designer jean brand in 2007.  Chris did research on designer brand jeans but things didn't work out as planned and nothing was ever launched.


Chris decided to created a brand of swimwear called "belaview" in 2009.  After a significant amount of capital and time, the prototypes were made and the samples for the custom metal hardware were made.  After everything was ready for production, he put the stop everything and said that he didn't like the name nor the direction the company was going and shut everything down and started from scratch again.

A New Start

After scrapping everything with belaview, Chris and his wife Sheralyn has done a lot of traveling to several places and beaches around the world from Hawaii to Florida, also visiting Costa Rica, Guatemala, Mexico and Findland and others, observing what people liked in the fashion world.   Chris decided he wanted to create a swimwear line that was up to date with the now, had purpose for the future and direction.  He then started the company HUSH & SALT in 2012. 


Trials Ahead

He decided to go with HUSH & SALT after A LOT of thought because of the many beautiful things that Utah has to offer.  HUSH comes from taking a moment to recognize the beauty around and within and at times, can be sexy as well, SALT was incorporated to make Utah part of it with the world renowned Bonneville Salt Flats just West of Salt Lake.  With most capital exhausted from the first swimwear company's development, it would take some time to regroup to pay off debtors and get back to square one.  Chris decided that it would be nice to have the swimwear made in the United States.  With that comes a lot of extra cost but he at least knew the people sewing the swimwear weren't in bad conditions.  He had several people that did prototypes for the line to find the best of the best in quality.  "I am not going to let lower standards of sewing be part of my business", said Chris.  HUSH & SALT took part in the Provo Fashion Week Fashion Show for Spring 2015.  Within days of the show, HUSH & SALT went into production and was supposed to have the swimwear launched in the early Spring 2015.  The suits were received and most were done wrong and not followed to pattern and would have to be redone.


Late 2015, HUSH & SALT was finally ready with the swimwear and the big launch for 2016!  Our goal is to make sure our customers get the service they deserve, are happy, and soak in the beauty that they are.  HUSH....need we say more?

The suit fits really well and the fabric is amazing, they have some fun prints as well as the classic solids. I love the ruffly tops, they are adorbz!!”
— Jessie P.

Made In USA

At HUSH & SALT we want to help the American people by having the suits made in the USA and help stimulate the economy.  We believe that quality is much more important and with the suits being made here, we have more control on quality control.

Style & Quality

HUSH & SALT finds the best, most durable fabric in the industry and has multiple people that inspect each suit.  Our fit is molded and tested to ensure that the material hugs where it should and doesn't where it shouldn't.  We have custom metal hardware with the company logo and name that are made of high quality light metals that are elegant without the heavy weight of heavy metals.